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  • The IMSC: Born From Two World Wars

    The IMSC: Born From Two World Wars

    Based in Brussels, Belgium, the CISM (Conseil International du Sport Militaire) is second in size only to the International Olympic Committee as an organiser of multi-discipline sports events. In English, […]

  • The Military World Games

    The Military World Games

    On every fourth year, a year before each Olympic Games, the Military World Games is held. It’s staged by the CISM (International Military Sports Council). Just like the Olympics, the […]

  • Sport for the Undefeated: The Invictus Games

    Sport for the Undefeated: The Invictus Games

    An annual sporting event for injured or sick armed forces personnel is the Invictus Games. Founded by HRH Prince Harry of Great Britain, the games are designed to aid its […]

  • Fallen Sportsmen of The Great War

    Fallen Sportsmen of The Great War

    Sport, especially football, was sometimes a feature of the First World War. In the famous “Christmas truce” of 1914, evidence suggests that several football games were played between British and […]

  • The World Military Cup

    The World Military Cup

    Initially held annually, and now a biennial event, the World Military Cup is an international football competition for the armed forces. It was first staged in 1946 by the Armed […]

  • Military-Specific Sports

    Military-Specific Sports

    Military sports are, for the most part, the same sports that all other athletes take part in. However, some are tailored specifically to the skill set of the armed forces. […]

  • The Warrior Games

    The Warrior Games

    The inspiration behind HRH Prince Harry’s Invictus Games, was the Warrior Games in the US, which were first staged in 2010. Like the Invictus Games, the Warrior Games is a […]

  • The Army Cycling Union

    The Army Cycling Union

    Although cycling appears a comparatively gentle sport, few sports are more brutal or demanding. The British Army offers a focus for all types of cycling disciplines through its Army Cycling […]