Hello, and welcome to this blog about military sports.

military sportsA lot of the qualities which are embodied in armed forces personnel are also an asset in sport. Courage and determination are contributing factors for a winning sportsperson, and competitiveness in the military is legendary, but so is solidarity and a strong team spirit. The motto of the Belgian-run IMSC (International Military Sports Council) is “Friendship Through Sport”, which sums up the essence of military sports.

Military sporting events are played between different branches of the armed forces at a national level, as well as on an international basis between combined armed forces. The Military World Games are held every four years, and are due to be held again in 2019, in China. A wide variety of sports are played, including basketball, bowling, cycling, track and field, soccer, swimming, rugby, volleyball and wrestling. Up to 24 disciplines have historically been included in military sporting events.

Beyond its competitive nature, military sport is a vehicle for worldwide peace. For instance, the armed forces have played a key role in the “Sports for Peace” movement. This holds events which honour sports people, promotes the values of sport, and fights prejudice. Sport is a potential way of breaking down barriers and encouraging peace in some of the world’s most troubled areas.

In a series of posts, this blog will look at the interesting diverse world of military sport, as well as the positive effects competition and team-playing have on the lives of its participants.