The four elements of Commando Spirit; Courage, Determination, Unselfishness and Cheerfulness in the face of adversity, are well known to all recruits by the time they complete Commando training. But these constituents of the 'Commando Spirit' are what make us individual 'Commandos'. What shapes the way we then work as a team, giving the Royal Marines its special identity, the way we carry out our duties. It is the combination of individual Commando Spirit qualities, coupled with our group values, that together forms our Royal Marines ethos.

The Royal Marines caters for all levels of sport, from 'grass roots' to Combined services and beyond.

The Royal Marines supports nationally recognised sports at every level. We have representation at national and international levels in major sports such as both codes of rugby, football, boxing, judo, bobsleigh, Tae Kwon Do and drug free weight lifting.

Additionally, we have international honours in triathlon, biathlon, duathalon, ultra distance running and swimming. When you add to this the incredible range of other sporting opportunities offered by The Royal Marines from Archery to Snowboarding and from Kite surfing to white water canoeing, you can see that sport and adventure can play a fantastic part in the life of any Royal Marine Commando.

We have a growing interest in the minor sport categories, such as Fencing, Power boat racing and motor sports. and all are available for all serving members to either join or participate in.

Royal Marines will have every opportunity to participate in competitive sport, but it must be noted that all ranks are Royal Marines first and sportsmen second; and therefore, it is not always possible to release individuals for sporting events.